Send your luggage with Zyppy

Are you going on vacation? Is your car full or too small? Can’t stand queues at baggage drop off? Weight restriction at check in gives you anxiety? Zyppy collects from your home and deliveres all your luggage to your holiday resort, including your kids toys. And if you are fond of souvenirs, you can buy whatever you like as Zyppy brings it straight back to your home!

Simple, fast, safe


Book your shipment online or by phone.


Conveniently from home, from work or from a DHL Point.


In Europe within 24 hours as air freight.


Delivered to holiday destination or work place.

Customer Care

Have you got any doubts on how to prepare your luggage? Would you like some information on restrictions or regulations for international transport? Need help to divert your luggage to another destination due to an unexpected problem? Don’t know how to put the label on the bag? Don’t worry, there’s Zyppy. Zyppy’s Customer Service is made of real people and not automated answering machines. Zyppy understands the needs of their customers and is always able to put requests into concrete and immediate actions.

Formula Zyppy

To cope with the demands and provide peace of mind to the customer, Zyppy has created an insurance cover that secures your goods and their transport. The customer can buy an insurance package that provides a cover of up to € 500,00 for the Silver Service and up to € 1.000,00 for the Gold Service.

Zyppy uses PayPal

Pay easily and safely, using your email and password. You do not have to enter your credit card number or other personal information. Buy with confidence: your purchases with Zyppy are protected. Moreover, your personal and financial details are secure on the PayPal server. When you buy with PayPal there are no hidden fees or additional costs. A fee will be added only if the payment currency is different from your own.

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